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(b. 1995, Ankara, TR) studied painting at Ankara Anadolu High School of Fine Arts and graduated with the highest grades among her peers. She started attending Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting in 2013, from which she graduated with honours in 2017. During the Spring Term of 2015-2016, she studied at Akademia Sztuk Pieknych (Academy of Fine Arts) in Wroclaw, Poland as part of the Erasmus Programme. Marmara University, Institute of Fine Arts, started its graduate program in Textile Department in 2020. Having participated in her first international exhibition during her studies, the artist went on to exhibit her works at group exhibitions held in Germany, South Korea, Cyprus, Italy and Moldova. In 2019 she opened first solo exhibition name of ‘Memory of the Unrememberable’ in Krank Art Gallery. The artist realized various projects and participate a lot of group exhibitions in Turkey. She lives and works in Istanbul, TR.

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2019 “Memory of the Unrememberable” Krank Art Gallery, Istanbul, TR



2022 ‘’Baselected’’ Grand Pera, Istanbul, TR

2022 ‘’Seçilmiş Yakınlıklar’’ Yenisehir Council Art Gallery, Mersin, TR

2022 ‘’Tümevarım’’ Kuzgun Art Space, Adana, TR

2021 ‘’Don’t Look Back Deep is the Past’’ OMM Museum, Eskisehir, TR

2021 ‘’Baselected’’ Tophane-i Amire, Istanbul, TR

2021 “Artweeks Akaretler” Krank Art Gallery, Istanbul, TR

2021 "Sommerblut" Cologne Cultural Festival, Cologne, DE

2020 "Every Contact Leaves a Trace" Krank Art Gallery, Istanbul, TR

2019 ‘’BASELECTED I’’ Akaretler, Istanbul, TR

2019 ‘​’Child in Me’’ Koç’s Collection, Abut Efendi Konağı, Istanbul, TR

2019 ‘’​Don’t Bite Me’’ Made in Cloister, Naples, IT

2019 ‘​’Artweeks Akaretler’’ Krank Art Gallery, Istanbul TR

2019 ‘​’Ruhun Doysun’’ Grunding, Girne CYP

2018 ​“Loud and quiet” Grevy Gallery, Colongne, DE

2018 ​“Güzeşte” Mixer Gallery, Istanbul, TR

2018 ​“Metamorphosis” Adahan Hotel, Istanbul, TR

2018 ​“Dinamo 3” Swiss Otel, Izmir, TR

2018 ​“I am always at home” Muaf Gallery, Istanbul, TR

2018 “​Young Contemporary Art Exhibition” Polytechnıc University of Hong Kong, CN

2018​“Dreams Country:Troia” Piri Reis Museum Canakkale, TR

2018 ​“Dreams Country:Troia” Archeology Museum, Darphane-i Amire, Istanbul, TR

2018 ​“Young New Different 9” Zilberman Gallery, Istanbul, TR

2018 ​“A j ar”, Numune Art Group, Atelier Çat Kapı, Istanbul, TR

2018 “​Bir Kelime Bin Mesele” GalleryBu, Istanbul, TR

2017 ​“BASE 17” Galata Greek Primary School, Istanbul, TR 

2017 “International Exhibition” KP

2017​ “Captcha Design Festival” Mannheim, DE

2017​“Cucuteni International Art Camp” Orhei, MD

2017​ “Marmara University 7th International Student Triennial Exhibition” Kare Art Gallery, Istanbul, TR

2017 ​“Artist’s Diaries” Kadıkoy Youth and Arts Center, Istanbul, TR 

2017 “​3rd Contemporary Art Project” Cermodern, Ankara, TR

2016 “​Ben-im” Galetaart Gallery, Istanbul, TR

2016 “​Rytual 13” Art & Industrial Gallery Wroclaw, PL

2012 “​Göz Kararı” Çağdaş Sanatlar Merkezi, Ankara, TR



2021 ‘’Istanbul Biennial Work and Research Program’’ Istanbul, TR

2019 ‘’​Don’t Bite Me’’ Accademia di Belle Arti di Napoli, IT

2017 ​‘’Cucuteni International Art Camp’’​Orhei, MD




2021 "Spreading Space" Kent University, Istanbul, TR

2020 “​Culture and Art Meetings to Facebook” Facebook App Online

2020 “Artist Collector Gathering” Spot Art Project, Istanbul, TR

2019 ‘​’Artist Talks’’ Krank Art Gallery, Istanbul, TR

2018 ​“Base Art Talks” Galata Greek Primary School, Istanbul, TR

2018 “​Axa Insurance Agents Meeting” Susesi Otel, Antalya, TR




2019 ‘​’Muasır’’ TRT2 TV Channel, TR

2019 ​‘’From Life to Art’’ TRT2 TV Channel, TR



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